Litro #156: India: Mapping Memories

Litro #156: India: Mapping Memories

 Imagine it is a paper.
Look at it.
It is a portrait of the earth.
See where the needle of your magnetic heart stops.
That’s it. That’s the place you always missed.
Put a dot.
Touch it with your finger tip. Softly.
It throbs.
Then put another, and then another till a line is formed –
The umbilical cord reconnecting.
The spot is the cartograph of your memories.
It is the wound healed.

A dot shines on the page
at the zero degree of all directions.
Here ends your returning.
You are home.

Amarjit Chandan is Punjabi poet and essay- ist. He writes a variety of world poetry and fiction, often invoking the theme of place in his writing. He often writes about his hometown in the Punjab, Nakoda. Amarjit has been awarded several lifetime achievement awards for his poetry by both the Pun- jab government and the Punjab community in Britain.

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